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3rd Pan African Conference on Parenting
held 21st - 22ndApril, 2015

Regionally-scoped Reports: View 2015 Research: Opportunities for Strengthening Families through Positive Discipline (KAP) Study: A Multi-Country Research on Positive Discipline and Skilful Parenting in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda

Conference Report: View here

Pictures: Quick view on Social media

Media Engagement Highlights: Uganda Newspaper Article: Parents tipped on disciplinary skills for children & Listen to Exclusive one-hour interview on Uganda’s popular talk-show, Spectrum, with Radio One.











A call to action: IYF +20

THEME: “Restoring families as the Pillar of Development in Africa”

View call to action here (kindly follow link to endorse/comment and read a detailed background of the call) was developed in Regional Experts meeting, ahead of the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family on 15th May, (and the 10th anniversary of the Plan of Action - PoA - on the family in Africa). The experts meeting, hosted by Parenting in Africa Network, in partnership with ICS-Africa brought together over sixty (60) participants, drawn from 9 countries in Africa, and saw numerous others from across Africa and beyond share position papers under pertinent themes.

View Report here
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Reflections on Africa's Indigenous knowledge on Parenting: Indigenous parenting practices of different communities in Africa (2014)

Through the following links, enjoy PAN’s (recently launched) studies, where we unearth positive indigenous knowledge on how the pastoralist communities of the Gabra and the Maasai people in Kenya, East and the horn of Africa region; Bozo community in Mali, West Africa; Ndebele of South Africa, and the Swahili of the coastal strip of Africa ‘skilfully’ parented. View 30 minute - Documentary below:

3rd Pan African Conference on Parenting
held 21- 22 April, 2015
Speke Resort Munyonyo-Kampala, Uganda


PAN at a Glance (2013)

PAN ultimately works to strengthen families through advocating for skilful parenting in Africa, in line with priority Number 6 of the AU (African Union) Plan of Action on the family: Strengthening of family relationships

Annual theme (2013): Teenage Parenting
PAN is working with its country chapters to develop a collective voice on teenagers with parenting responsibilities which shall culminate in her 2nd pan-African conference on Parenting in October 16-17 hosted in Lilongwe, Malawi-PAN- country Chapter. PAN’s Secretariat is also scheduling round-table meetings in the various country chapters, in the region, to enable us strengthen the documentation [continue reading...]



Follow links below for experiences, perceptions and views on parenting. The documentaries and interviews recognize that there is a lot of work focusing on safeguarding children and their families in our communities, which are being undertaken by frontline workers as well as actors across Africa and beyond.

    1. Parenting documentaries available here
    1. Also on PAN U-tube page