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A call to action: IYF +20

THEME: “Restoring families as the Pillar of Development in Africa”

View call to action here (kindly follow link to endorse/comment and read a detailed background of the call) was developed in Regional Experts meeting, ahead of the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family on 15th May, (and the 10th anniversary of the Plan of Action - PoA - on the family in Africa). The experts meeting, hosted by Parenting in Africa Network, in partnership with ICS-Africa brought together over sixty (60) participants, drawn from 9 countries in Africa, and saw numerous others from across Africa and beyond share position papers under pertinent themes.

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Reflections on Africa's Indigenous knowledge on Parenting: Indigenous parenting practices of different communities in Africa (2014)

Through the following links, enjoy PAN’s (recently launched) studies, where we unearth positive indigenous knowledge on how the pastoralist communities of the Gabra and the Maasai people in Kenya, East and the horn of Africa region; Bozo community in Mali, West Africa; Ndebele of South Africa, and the Swahili of the coastal strip of Africa ‘skilfully’ parented. View 30 minute - Documentary below:

THEME: Adolescents (boys and girls) with Parenting Responsibilities

View  Mangochi Declaration and Plan of Action

2013 PAN country chapter round table meetings/Launches, all culminated in the 2013 pan-African Conference on Parenting, in Mangochi, Malawi on 16-17 October 2013. Hosted by YONECO - Malawi PAN Country Chapter Lead- the conference saw over 69 delegates from 11 countries participate; and hundred others from across Africa send in their contributions through online surveys, reports and country-specific dialogues. Look out for the 3rd pan-African Conference on parenting hosted by PAN Uganda chapter, in March 2015.

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2013 Conference presenter

Abstract: Situation of Teen Caregivers in Child-headed households

David Mugawe, Executive Director, The Africhild Centre, Uganda: With 20 years of experience in Programme and Project Management in international development in Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia and the United Kingdom, Mr. Mugawe is the immediate former Executive Director of The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF). He has a Masters in Business Administration: Bradford University, UK; Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration: Makerere University, Uganda; and postgraduates in Economic Principles, Project Planning & Management, and Financial Management. He also served as Country Director of International Care & Relief for 8 years. Awards received: July 2013 - the Daniel S. Sanders Peace and Social Justice Award for his outstanding contribution to Social Development in Africa; In November 2011 - the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) Award in recognition of his efforts to promote and protect the rights of African children within the justice system.






2013 Conference presenter
Abstract: Preventing STI’s, HIV &Teenage Pregnancies, the Family- Based Behavioral Interventions (EBI) way

Roy. S. Meoly – HIV-AIDS Program Manager; International Rescue Committee (IRC): Bachelor of Arts, Sociology & Geography, Egerton University; 8 years work experience in Community based Health Programming, Training, Consultancy, Program Management as well as Sales & Marketing. Oversee direct implementation of the Partnership on AIDS Project, a CDC funded HIV Prevention Project in Lodwar, Kenya. Previously a Training Officer, Program Officer and Consulting Training Associate for the National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE).





2013 Conference presenter
Abstract: The role of fathers in children’s lives in South Africa

Tawanda Makusha; Post-Doctoral Fellow, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC): Holds PhD in Education and MA in Development Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal. Doctoral studies – “Determinants of father involvement in KwaZulu-Natal, drawing on the reports of men, women and children”. Research interests: parenting, families and fathers; impact of poverty and HIV-AIDS on children and families. Tawanda has co-published peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters on fatherhood, men and masculinities in South Africa.



2013 Conference presenter

Abstract: Positive Parenting Program - Triple P

Ms. Jacquie Brown; Triple P Implementation Specialist, Canada: Jacquie Brown, MES RSW has worked in the field of implementation for 10 years and brings with her unique expertise and experience in implementation applied in both high income and low income countries. Triple P is an evidence-based system of positive parenting practices of differing intensities that provides hands-on strategies for every parent, the only system of parenting education endorsed by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. For more on Triple P, visit http://www.triplep.net/glo-en/home












2013 Conference presenter

Abstract: Regional review of existing policies and programs in support for adolescents with parenting responsibilities

Teresa Mwoma (PhD): PhD, Early Childhood Studies from Kenyatta University. The Founder of, Researchers in Early Childhood Education and Care (RECEC), Dr. Mwoma is also a Lecturer at Kenyatta University department of Early Childhood studies, where she has worked for over ten years. Previously, she worked at UNICEF Kenya as Project Officer Education Emergency, for six months. Teresa has also participated in various studies as  principal investigator, team leader and researcher; for World Bank, PATH International, the Aga Khan Foundation, Uwezo Kenya, among others.












2013 Conference presenter

Abstract: Transforming Farmers to Positive Parents: Kenya & Tanzania

Beatrice Ogutu, Regional Programme Manager, Child Protection; Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS) www.icsafrica.org; Kenya: Co-founder of Parenting in Africa Network (PAN), Beatrice has 8 years experience in child protection and family support programmes having worked for national and International NGOs with focusing on child and family wellbeing in Africa. Currently responsible for developing and implementing ICS child protection and skilful parenting programmes in Africa. Closely interacts with colleagues, implementing partners, government departments, development partners and various networks in Africa and beyond.












2013 Conference presenter

Abstract: Advocacy for responsible Fatherhood

Trevor Davies; Director, African Fatherhood Initiative, Zimbabwe: PAN Steering Committee member: African Fatherhood Initiativewww.africanfatherhood.co.za this is a family strengthening organization that manila focus on advocacy for involvement of fathers in family and child rearing.








PAN Regional Conferences & Events: Kenya, Tanzania and MalawiPAN Regional Conferences & Events: Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi

Featured PAN Member

Childline Kenya: Neighbourhood Child-watch reduces Child Abuse

PAN’s member, Childline Kenya, together with Plan International and MothersLunchBox are spearheading child-watch seminars with caregivers (dads, mums, nannies) to curb incidences of child abuse occurring and increasingly rampant in selected neighbourhoods.

“…thanks for providing the parenting materials for this seminar. It was very well attended and I am quite surprised that somebody put it on the web! PAN is doing an awesome job...”shares Irene Nyamu, Executive Director, Childline Kenya.


PAN at a Glance (2013)

PAN ultimately works to strengthen families through advocating for skilful parenting in Africa, in line with priority Number 6 of the AU (African Union) Plan of Action on the family: Strengthening of family relationships

Annual theme (2013): Teenage Parenting
PAN is working with its country chapters to develop a collective voice on teenagers with parenting responsibilities which shall culminate in her 2nd pan-African conference on Parenting in October 16-17 hosted in Lilongwe, Malawi-PAN- country Chapter. PAN’s Secretariat is also scheduling round-table meetings in the various country chapters, in the region, to enable us strengthen the documentation [continue reading...]



Parenting in Africa: Perspectives of professionals working with children

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This Documentary depicts experiences, perceptions and views of professionals working with children. The documentary recognises that there is a lot of work focusing on safeguarding children and their families in our communities, which are being undertaken by actors within civil society, government departments, religious institutions and various others.


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